Flute servis

Flute Repair Services

An Overhaul
  •   The flute is carefully inspected as it is disassembled
  •   Worn ley hinges and loose bearings are corrected
  •   Ribs and tone holes are checked for solder flaws and repaired as needed
  •   The flute is washed in a mild acid-detergent bath, and hand polished
  •   Tone holes are checked for absolute flatness and proper edge-shape
  •   Key-cups are then adjusted over the holes in the proper plane and to determine an ideal and   uniform amount of pad protrusion
  •   Length of spuds on all closed-hole keys, and grommets on the open-hole keys, is corrected as needed
The flute is now ready for padding. All of these steps are performed regardless of the type of pad used. These steps are absolutely necessary when using Straubinger or Schmidt pads.
  • All corks and felts are replaced
      (trill and D# corks are usually kept unless they are beyond saving)
  • Springs are replaced as needed
  • Tenon fit is standard, as is a new head-stopper

Play Condition

This is the minor form of overhaul
  • Cleaning and oiling is standard
  • Pads are replaced as needed
  • Other mechanical adjustments, as well as corks and felts corrected as needed

Clean, Oil Adjust  (COA)

This should be done at least once a year, if you are using the flute constantly, COA should be done more often!